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Dear Members of the HMS and HSDM Faculty,
HMS and HSDM faculty have made important contributions to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion, with far-reaching impact not only on our patients and communities, but on society as a whole.
In the past, this work has been recognized only indirectly in the Faculty of Medicine promotions process. It is therefore with great enthusiasm that we announce a new Significant Supporting Activity of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) to give faculty the opportunity to emphasize these important contributions, to enhance how the Harvard Faculty of Medicine promotions criteria recognize excellence, and to signify our values in DEI.
As a reminder, a Significant Supporting Activity (SSA) is an opportunity to recognize contributions in domains that attest to impact beyond any promotion candidate’s selected Area of Excellence in Clinical Expertise and Innovation, Investigation, or Teaching and Educational Leadership. With an SSA in DEI, faculty can now better highlight their work in building programs that increase workforce diversity, creating policies that address disparities in health outcomes and research and serving in leadership and committee roles that advance diversity initiatives, among many others. We have posted guidance on the HMS Office for Faculty Affairs website about how your accomplishments can be represented in the HMS CV.
We look forward to celebrating the contributions and positive impact that HMS/HSDM faculty are making in DEI.
George Q. Daley
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
Harvard University
Joan Y. Reede
Dean for Diversity and Community Partnership
Harvard Medical School
Grace C. Huang
Dean for Faculty Affairs
Harvard Medical School
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